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Urban Crisis & Creative Destruction: Barcelona Resilient City

Screening of 'Encaixonats' (Boxed in Barcelona) Documentary

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$10 for students & Assoc. AIA members
AIA, DAC, and LA.IDEA members
$25 for non-members
Registration required.

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2.0 HSW | LUs

Please note: You must attend the entire session to receive continuing education credit.

Monday, September 17, 2018

6:00 - 8:00 PM

African American Civil War Museum

1925 Vermont Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20001

LA.IDEA Presents Urban Crisis & Creative Destruction: Barcelona Resilient City

LA.IDEA|DC in partnership with Action Without Borders and Hunt Laudi Studio invites you to watch Encaixonats, (Boxed in Barcelona) a documentary about Urban Resilience that will be followed by a Q&A session with Ph.D. Rafael de Balanzo, Director of the "Action Without Borders Project" for the Social Habitat Work Program, International Union of Architects, UIA. This is an introductory session related to the urban resilience thinking concept and there will be future workshops on the following sessions.


“Encaixonats” is a documentary from director Marta Saleta, that highlights neighborhoods and cities succumbing to successive changes and urban crises caused by internal collapse and external shrinking processes. The neighborhood of Vallcarca in Barcelona has become an urban landmark, characterized as one of the first districts to implement policies of urban sustainability. After suffering from urban crises, social displacement, and conflict induced by a Rezoning Master Plan, Vallcarca masterminded change by implementing new urban sustainability policies.

The documentary follows a family displaced from their home of 50 years, as the city moves them to a new housing superblock. The remaining members from Salvem-Vallcarca community organization fight to find new strategies against displacement. These strategies include urban crises and reorganization process as well as tactical urbanism and transformative governance.

To learn more about Vallarca's Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility click here

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe urban changes and their impacts on communities caused by social displacement;

  • Discuss urban reorganization processes by community resilient emergent actions such as Tactical Urbanism and transformative governance;

  • Explain policies of urban sustainability; and

  • Illustrate new urban strategies against displacement


Ph.D. Rafael de Balanzo Joue

Architect, Landscape Architect, and Urban Designer.


Dr. De Balanzo is currently Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter and Queens College, CUNY and Barcelona University. He was born and raised in Barcelona. After studying architecture and urbanism in Belgium, he returned to Barcelona to start his own office, Urban Resilience Thinking Institute, and has been awarded several architectural and landscape awards. Dr. De Balanzo is also Director of "Action Without Borders Project" for the Social Habitat Work Program, International Union of Architects, UIA. He promotes "Resilience Thinking" through HABITAT Program participatory process for informal settlements and Shrinking Cities in Latin America, US and Europe.

Co-Sponsored by:


Luz Verost, Realtor

Vladimir Duque,

George Mason Mortgage

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