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Color Symphony

Marcela Diaz’ work combines music experience and color theory in painting and design. Trained as a classical violinist from an early age and experienced in the demands of music performance as a young adult, Ms. Diaz’s background in fine arts and music transfers to her “color palettes” combining color, form, texture, and depth as if creating a new musical composition. Her paintings were first exhibited at the Gatehouse Gallery in Washington DC and since in multiple art shows and exhibitions. Ms. Diaz’ current paintings shows how color can be sensed, captured and expressed exploring the interrelationship of music, art and color theory. Each painting/study is inspired by a particular piece of music that provides the basis for an associated palette. Like painting, interior design materials are transformed with every texture, color, and pattern serving as a vehicle for creating a unique palette and composition. Ms. Diaz eye for selection of materials and finishes combines with her expertise in color theory, art and music to add a layer of depth and originality to her work. Born in Bogota, Colombia Marcela Diaz is an Associate at Perkins Eastman in Washington, DC and holds a degree in Interior Design from George Washington University.

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