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Community Involvement New network in Winston Salem NC: Students Support

LA IDEA joined a youth event with YMCA Latino Achievers, a group located in Winston-Salem, NC that proudly serves the people of Northwest North Carolina, recently welcomed a member of LA IDEA to join an event as a guest speaker for the Latino students of Mt. Tabor High School. Latino Achievers is a group designed to help students overcome unique challenges along the path in High School and it helps students focus into aspiring future goals. The group has developed a network and support system to aid students in similar situations by hosting guest speakers to share inspirational stories with a purpose to motivate young Latinos achieve higher education. Nury Anton, the program coordinator of Latino Achievers, shared an opportunity with our community outreach director, Juan Carlos Alvarez, to join them as a guest speaker in one of their monthly events. Alvarez, had the opportunity to speak with Mt. Tabor High School’ students where he shared his life experiences, struggles and accomplishments as a Latino immigrant.

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