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Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid (31 October 1950 – 31 March 2016) will be remembered as one of the most successful and influential architects of her time. As a female architect in a male dominated career, Hadid managed to make several noteworthy contributions to the world of architecture – not only through her designs, but through her teachings, collaborations and her exploratory work. Hadid studied architecture in London in 1972. Just a few short years later, in 1980, she opened her own practice, ‘Zaha Hadid Architects.’ Among her most notable and recognizable projects are the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, Vitra Desing Museum, Olympic Aquatic Center and the Maxxi museum. Hadid´s recognizable design work is a result of her pushing the boundaries of complexity, high fashion and architecture. Her unique forms and incredible designs are what led Hadid to be the first woman to receive the prestigious Pritzker Prize for architecture. Hadid has received over 100 esteemed awards and honors throughout her career. Hadid´s work continues to capture the world as it pays tribute to one of the most skillful architects in history. Her legacy continues to live on through her former teachings, her designs, and her everlasting architectural imprint upon this world.

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