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LA.IDEA Inspire with Liberty's Promise

Spring was a busy season with multiple inspirational sessions by our talented and dedicated members. LA.IDEA’s Inspire program continued its work giving back to the community and supporting Liberty Promise with volunteers.

On April 3rd, Alejandro Gomez attended a session at Roosevelt High School and shared about his professional path as an engineer working on infrastructure projects. His talk was focused on his earlier experience and how he acquired the knowledge necessary to achieve his goal, founding his own technology start-up. He described his experience talking to the students as, “super nice, it was very interesting to hear the diversity of interests (video games, soccer, biology, law) in that classroom,” concluding that he would love to participate again.

On April 8th we had Dulce Naime, who gave a speech about her career at the World Bank in urban spaces. “Visiting Roosevelt High School as part of the support from LA IDEA members to the Liberty’s Promise program was a gratifying experience. Students were super interested in the potential of urban open spaces to contribute to the improvement of public health and adaptation to climate change in cities. At the end of the presentation, students were empowered and enthusiastic about engaging in urban transformation projects in their communities.”

Finally, on April 11th we had Zaira Suarez, architect and urban designer at Maginniss + Del Ninno Architects, PC. The students really enjoyed learning about urban planning because it gave them a new perspective on architecture and the many career opportunities in the field, as well as how they can get involved in advocating for public spaces.

Special thanks to Alejandro, Dulce, and Zaira for participating in LA.IDEA’s Inspire program and to Liberty Promise for the opportunity to provide this service. If you are interested in inspiring our local youth, reach out to us at for more information.


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